Residential CCTV

Domestic CCTV Systems Covering all the Lancashire area for over 35 Years

Domestic CCTV systems in the Lancashire area have seen incredible innovations in technology in the last few years, and now high resolution full colour CCTV cameras and detailed monitoring technology are available at affordable prices.

Residential CCTV Systems in of Lancashire area are an effective security provision for your home, alongside your Burglar Alarm. As well as recording who comes and goes from your property, CCTV can also act as a visible deterrent to potential intruders. A CCTV camera at your front door allows you to see anyone approaching the house, or to check who’s at the door by accessing a TV channel or internet enabled device.

Our Domestic CCTV Systems protect your Home with reliable 24 hour surveillance. Our CCTV systems can be used for recording the activity occurring both inside and outside your premises, from overt or covert cameras and are linked to hi-tech digital recording equipment.  Snape Security Systems are SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) accredited CCTV installation experts specialising this new CCTV technology.

We Repair, Service or Maintain your Commercial CCTV or Domestic CCTV System in the Lancashire area, even if we did not install it, Please call us for more details

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